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Equipment Feeds KB

Equipment Feeds KBs (Knowledge Bases) are used to define a "container" for the raw materials that a machine can accept.
Raw materials can be anything from an extruder on a 3D printer that needs to be replaced periodically, to fabric that is rolled out and into a mask.
Equipment Feeds can accept any number of raw materials.

An equipment feed is made up of the following pieces:

  • The Equipment KB that the feed is on
  • A name
  • The element (Part #) that represents the feed physically (A dowel, a container, etc.)
  • A description for the sticker that will go on the physical item for scanning
  • A list of allowed raw materials (Elements) that can be put onto the feed.

Creating an Equipment Feed KB


  • That you already have an Equipment KB
  • That you already have an element for the feed in the Elements | SL app
    • The dowel, the container, etc.
  • That you already have the elements that can go onto the feed in the Elements | SL app
    • The cloth, hardware, etc.


  1. Go to the Equipment | SL application
  2. Go to Equipment Feeds KB
  3. Click on "+ New Equipment Feed KB"
  4. Choose the Equipment KB that this Feed is part of
  5. Fill in an equipment name, for example: "Colored Cloth Dowel". We recommend keeping the name generic enough to be extensible, but specific enough to find later.
  6. Choose the Part #, this is the element that represents this feed physically, e.g. the box the items will be put in.
  7. Fill in the description, this will be printed on the sticker for this feed.
  8. Add allowed raw materials to the list
  9. Done!