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Employee Shift and Total Work Hours

Shifts can be set up at any time. To create an employee you must have at least 1 shift prepared.

  1. Navigate to the Work Shift Templates table in HR Management.
  2. Create a new Work Shift Template and follow the instructions on the form to add all of your start and end times for each day, your lunch breaks, and extra breaks during the day. (Up to 2 additional breaks).

Time Clamping: Checking the Time Clamping checkbox ensures that punches that go beyond the values of your breaks or start and end times do not count towards the total time worked. This way HR Managers can control when employees have been given extra hours beyond the shift schedule.

Total Work Hours (Week): this field will show you how many hours the employee will be working if they work all the hours in their shift. This field will also be used to fill the employee's "Full Time" hours in the Employee's record. (You may override this value for each employee individually if necessary).

Save the Record.

Once you have created the shifts for each employee you can assign the shift schedule to your employees!