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Getting Started

Sightline is built using Quickbase's low-code platform.

We selected Quickbase as our platform of choice because of it's fast iteration time. We can build, update, and improve the software very quickly by using Quickbase's platform as our backend.

In this guide we will review how to navigate within Sightline. Because the platform is built on Quickbase's platform there are some very straight forward built-in navigational tools which we will review.

Sightline uses "Apps" that allow you to separate core features and functions from one another. The Sightline App Suite consists of 22 unique and different apps. Each time our team encounters a new industry a new app may be made and integrated into the software platform for that industry. Any app we develop in Sightline will be available to other users and we will keep the community up to date as best we can in our Discord Community.

List of the apps in our current app suite:

  1. HQ Permissions
  2. Client Permissions
  3. Vendor Permissions
  4. HR Manager
  5. CRM
  6. VRM
  7. Time Tracker
  8. Billing
  9. File Vault
  10. Training
  11. Elements
  12. Pricing
  13. Logistics
  14. Equipment
  15. Materials Lab
  16. Production
  17. Purchase Orders
  18. ERP
  19. User Feedback
  20. Cut & Sew*
  21. IT & Backend*
  22. Propertii*

*Industry Specific Apps

(List updated on 2022/12/02)

Please reference the nav bar on the left to jump between the different basic guides.

If you have any questions, or things you think should be added to our user guides please reach out to us on our Discord Community!

Thank you!