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Guatemala Only - IGSS

Plannia de IGGS Documentation

Before generating the planillas, Make sure all of the following information has been filled out. 

To Fill out the following company information 

1- On the HQ Table 

Fill out the following fields

Employee Number Company Name Employee NIT Company Email

Create the Different company Work Centers on the “IGSS - Work Centers” table

1- Fill out the following fields

Is and active work center - If this field is checked it will appear in the months Planilla de IGGS

Code Name or Description Address Zone - GUA Fax Contact Name Contact Email

2- Fill in from the options

Geographic Department - Name Municipality - Name Economic Activity* - Activity Description

The three fields above will display the text for the different options. The code will be put into the reports.

When you choose the options above, the code for the related option will auto-populate. If you need to add more options, Check the “How to add a unique company dropdown” steps. Make sure to check that the option is correct and from the official Planilla de IGSS workbook

Create the Different Form Types on the “Form Types Table”

1- Fill out the following fields

Is an Active Form Type. If this field is checked it will appear in the months Planilla de IGSS

Number Identification Type - This is a sequential count for your form types. Number them starting will one and in increasing order. 

Name or Description of Form Type Affiliate Types Form Period Department where the employees work (This is the geographic department where the employees work.  Economic Activity Form Class

Add the IGSS information for your employees

(Your employees must be set to an active employee status in order to be be added to the plantilla de igss)

Add the information to the employees under the “Tax Information" Tab. Or go to the IGGS information report and grid edit the information. You will assign your employees to the different work centers and Form Types. 

Generate the Reports. 

View your company’s HQ record on the HQ table. Scroll to the report generator section Click the “Generate Current Month IGSS Report” Button