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Associate Pay Groups to an Employee Salary

This assumes that your employees have been created and a salary has been given to each employee. If you have not given each employee a salary please go to this guide here to assign them a salary. *Hourly Employees? If your Employees are Hourly please visit this guide here for adding Pay Groups to Pay Rates.

Step 1:

Navigate to the Employees Table within HR Manager. Under the Reports & Charts drop-down select the Employee Salaries report.

Step 2:

Grid edit this report and on the far right hand side edit the column: "Connect a Pay Group to Current Salary" This column's fields are drop-downs. Select the associated Pay Groups from each drop-down for each salary. Remember that if there is no salary, this automation will not be able to run.

Save the Report.

Refresh your page to see when the field is emptied and the Pay Group you selected is added to the list of Associated Pay Groups. Once this happens you know the automation has completed.

Now that you have Pay Groups connected to each of your Employee Salaries, your employees will begin to have Pay Periods and Time Cards associated to them in Time Tracker! Feel free to go check them out!