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Welcome to Sightline Docs!

Sightline Guides and Tutorials.

These guides and tutorials are designed for end users and are open to feedback in the Sightline Feedback App. Guides with (WIP) next to them are under construction.

Basics (WIP)

  • Learn the basics of navigating within Sightline.
  • Get familiar with how to find different apps, tables, and forms.
  • Learn how to filter tables and use dashboards.
  • Learn about the Feedback App and how to submit tickets and requests for new features.

Setup (WIP)

  • Use our setup guides each app suite to get your custom company data set up.
  • Learn how to get the most out of your plan by setting up all the small features and details.
  • Learn how to control and set up the custom pieces of each app and set them up based on your needs.

Administration (WIP)

  • Learn how to set up your user's roles and permissions for each app.
  • Learn how to request new custom roles and permissions when the existing options don't give you enough flexibility.
  • Understand how roles work and how they impact each user's monthly cost in Sightline.
  • Learn how to test the roles of other users.

Plans (WIP)

  • Explore FAQ user guides in our Plans section.
  • Learn how to use all the features in each plan.
  • Explore the possibilities of each app and what each app is capable of doing.
  • Learn about the functionality of your app beyond the initial setup like daily use and scheduled automations.

If you have any questions, or things you think should be added to our user guides please reach out to us on our Community Discord.

Thank you!