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Punch Alterations

When you forget to clock in or if you forget to clock out, or maybe you just got your time wrong, you can go and look at the punch and request a punch alteration.

Punch alterations must be approved by your HR Manager. Once they are approved your punch will be fixed and a record of the alteration and the previous clock in/out times will be stored.

You can view your punches from the Time Tracker Dashboard and click the Punch Alteration button from there on the right hand side of the punches report, or you can go directly to the punches table itself and press the button for the punch you'd like to fix from there.

Once you are editing your punch you will fill in a new start date/time and a new end date/time. You can also update the time zones on the punches if the time zones were saved incorrectly but checking the "Custom Time Zones" checkbox. You'll notice that it will show you a summary of what your previous earnings were, how much you are adding/removing and what your new earnings will be after the punch is approved.

Save and close when you have all the information put in correctly.

*Date fields are YYYY-MM-DD