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Guatemala Only - Demographics Report

Demographics Report Documentation

To Generate the Demographics Report for Every Employee in the Company

Step 1: Go to the HQ Info table inside of the HR App Step 2: View your company’s record.  Step 3: Scroll down to the report generator section.  Step 4: Click the “Generate Demographics Report” Button. 

Your records will generate on the “Yearly Employee Reports” Table

To Generate a Yearly Report for one Employee

To create the Demographics report on the the “Yearly Employee Reports” Table 

Step 1: Make sure all the appropriate employee demographic information is filed out Step 2: Go the the “Report Generator” report on the “Employees” table Step 3: Find the employee you want to generate the report for edit the checkbox to be checked, and click save. 

After a few seconds the report will appear on the “Yearly Employee Reports” table. 

If you need to make a change to the report, after making the change, follow the previous steps and generate a new report. The errors will then be fixed on the original report.