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Add an Employee Salary for the First Time

This guide assumes you have already created the employee and this is their first new salary.

For adding Salaries one at a time.

  1. Navigate to the Employee that you need to add a salary for and select the "Pay" Tab.
  2. Down below in the Pay tab is an "Add Salary" button. Click this button which will bring you to a new form to add the salary for the employee.
  3. If you your pay rates are different from your docking rates (hours missed) check the "Use Custom Docking Rate" checkbox.
  4. Next, fill in the Yearly Salary and Start Date.
  5. Using this form you will be able to calculate the Rate(s) based on the employee's full time hours and wether they are paid bi-monthly/bi-weekly (this setting is decided at the HQ level).
  6. Fill in the desired calculation rate and the Pay Rate and Docking Rate (if you selected to Use Custom Docking Rate) will be filled in automatically.

Save the report.

You have added the salary to the employee! Next you will want to add a new Pay Groups to the Salary to create the necessary information for this employee's time cards to be created. Please follow this guide here for connecting Pay Groups to Employee Salaries.